Sunday, 13 May 2018

Prince of Wales Cup

Rather dull and quiet for the POW Cup, but took lots of photos.  Thanks to Steve for the ride in Scooby!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

International 14 National Championships at Exe SC

Getting the Fotoboat gear out again for a major event at Exe SC.  The International 14s are holding their UK nationals and the Prince of Wales Cup at Exe SC from Thu 10 May until Sun 13 May.  Tom Hurley will be out on Thursday and I will be covering the POW Cup on Saturday.  Tom's pictures will be here on Thursday evening, and mine ASAP after the race on Saturday.

For how to order image files see below:

It's a bit clunkier than in the old Fotoboat days but this is what to do: 

Browse through the albums of images accessible via the Photo Galleries page;
  1. Make a note of the file numbers of the ones you would like;
  2. email me at with the filenumbers.
I will send you a link for downloading the files, which will be high resolution (3600 x 2400 pixels), good for printing at 12x8 inches and bigger.  I will also send you a PayPal invoice.  The pricing:
  1. Single high res file:  £10
  2. Five high res files:  £20
  3. Twenty high res files:  £40
Hope you enjoy the event and get the result you were hoping for!