Friday, 24 July 2015

Osprey Nationals - how to order image files

It's a bit clunkier than in the old Fotoboat days but this is what to do:

  1. Browse through the three albums of images accessible via the Photo Galleries page;
  2. Make a note of the file numbers of the ones you would like;
  3. email me at with the filenumbers.
I will send you a link for downloading the files, which will be high resolution (3600 x 2400 pixels), good for printing at 12x8 inches and bigger.  I will also send you a PayPal invoice.  The pricing:

  1. Single high res file:  £10
  2. Five high res files:  £20
  3. Twenty high res files:  £40

Osprey Nationals Day 1

I had a good day at Highcliffe SC yesterday (23 July), Day 1 of the Osprey Nationals.  Many thanks to Ian and Dave for driving me around the course in the launch Edna May.  I have posted a big selection of pictures which can be seen via the photo galleries page.  When I have worked out how to do it I will post a note explaining how you may order copies of the files.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Fotoboat sails on

Fotoboat sails on!  After much (well, not that much) arm-twisting by ex-Fotoboat colleague Alan Henderson, I will be doing a day at the Osprey nationals at Highcliffe SC this Thursday (23 Jul).  Very much looking forward to it and hope the weather is favourable.  Watch this space...